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We are your official dealers for CNB Yachts in Australia. CNB is a brand of yachts for lovers of elegant, fast, seaworthy and safe yachts.

CNB yacht builders dates back to 1987. The boatyard is at a 100,000 sqm site which includes 44,000 sqm of buildings with covers. In addition to 300 metres of water-front quay space.

The water is deep enough to launch yachts and perform first trials. With international recognition for the exceptional quality of its luxury super-yachts CNB has over 90 boats built. From sail to motor boats, aluminium to composite. They all are vessels that now sail the seven seas.


In 1992, CNB yachts became part of Bénéteau Group. Since then, the division has all the strength of the world’s leading pleasure sailboat builder right behind it.

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Why buy a CNB?


The Group has been a world leader for over 25 years, demonstrating a sound and reassuring financial base. This is essential for our customers who want a real partner in the construction of their yachts.

Industrial strength

Bénéteau Group’s proven and constantly advancing industrial and logistical expertise. This means it will sustain its ranking as a world leader for many years to come. Due to this experience, combined with CNB’s technical skill, the various industrial processes employed at the shipyard have been optimised over the years.

CNB yachts enjoy extraordinary purchasing power hence the Industrial Group. This enables it to control costs, which directly reflects the final price.
Last, for over ten years now, Bénéteau Group has enabled CNB to make serious investments in industrial equipment, aiming, as always, to improve productivity and thus controlling costs.

Research & Development

The Group has invested in a modern Research & Development Centre, devoted to Pleasure Sailing and to which all the subsidiaries have access. CNB yachts not only enjoys the benefits of research carried out at this centre, such as studies on composite materials. But also has direct access to cutting-edge facilities for testing and validating research carried out at its own Design Office.

A powerful international partner network

Thanks to the Group’s global distribution networks, CNB yacht builders are able to work with technical partners all over the world. In addition, it enables them to provide our customers with exceptional services wherever they are in the world.

With the security that Bénéteau Group represents for CNB, our customers can be sure that they have a powerful and solid, international shipyard at their service, one that will never let them down.

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