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McConaghy Boats: over 50 years of building composites for the worlds toughest conditions and customers

McConaghy was founded by John McConaghy in 1967, and he set out to build skiffs, Tornado and A-class catamarans from novel materials never before used in marine applications. Over 50 years later the same passion and attention to detail persists, and is now used to create some of the most impressive composite structures on land or sea.


With manufacturing facilities in Australia and China, McConaghy deploys its wealth of talent across a number of different divisions, extending the strong commercial platform that has allowed it to defy industry trends and continue to thrive even in the toughest economic conditions.

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McConaghy Multihulls

McConaghy Multihulls is the latest product range from McConaghy and features an entire line of cruising catamarans created in collaboration with world-leading designers.
The McConaghy Multihull range is designed with the performance cruiser in mind. Whether you’re an experienced multihull sailor or new to the genre, and whether you seek blue water adventures or coastal cruising with friends and family, these innovative multihulls offer impressive sailing performance in a stylish and luxurious
package. The MC52, MC55, MC59p, MC60, MC68 and MC77 each feature clean lines, apartmentstyle living and overall, an open and modern dynamic that simultaneously enables more comfortable cruising and better performance; a feat not yet achieved in any other line of multihull.

McConaghy Range

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