A mini maxi for owner with crew

CNB 78

Launched in 2013, it was the trailblazer of a new market, the first boat under 80 ft to integrate an independent crew area. Its roof, designed by Philippe Briand, has not only become iconic, but gives the saloon a unique panoramic view.

After 32 units sold, the time has come to evolve in continuity. Its architecture is still entrusted to Philippe Briand and the interior design is by JM Piaton.

The hull becomes wider, more aggressive with a 2-chine hull and a slimmer roof: in actual practice, we have a boat that maintains all the standards of its predecessor, but is more modern, even more attractive.

The interior benefits from the greater width of the hull and can accommodate guest cabins the same size as the owner’s suite, worthy of a 90 ft vessel.

The style combines noble wood, textiles and lacquered surfaces in a subtle harmony.
The other strong point of the CNB 78 is Solaris quality. A one-piece hull with its bulkheads, the seamless woodwork, top-of-the-range equipment by primary brands …

The CNB 78 follows in the footsteps of the successful CNB 76, so much so that we have already sold a few hulls

Boat Specs

Naval ArchitectPhilippe Briand
Length Overall23.17 m
Draft3.50 m
Maximum beam 6.10 m
Displacement (light)45,000 kg

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