The history behind Plym

Plym was designed as a 60m², but her build stretched to a 62m² which is a rating band for the metre boats. It was built by Plym Shipyard or Norway and launched in 1945.

At first, it was built for racing, and, over the years, it has been owned by some famous people such as the Nobel family of Norway, then Burke Sawyer, a very well-known sailmaker from America.

She has done 3 Transatlantic, she has been a successful club and ocean racer. In recent years, Plym is set up and sailing as a luxury day boat.

Sailing Plym

The experience of sailing Plym is very special as she is a typical longer and narrower hull design. It is easy to go through the water, very smooth and easy at the helm, and very light to steer.

Best Features

The best thing about this boat is that she maintains a very classic and timeless design. She has a classic fit out and it is evocative of the luxury of another era with varnish, and teak decks. But for sailing, she has a carbon fibre mast, modern sails, modern rigging and a rudder that makes her a delight to steer.

Plym’s interior

She has a very nice and traditional interior, lots of varnishes. And leather upholstery. She sleeps 4 o 6 very comfortably. She has an ice box and a full stove with oven

Brendan Hunt, CEO of Vicsail statement about Plym

“This boat would suit someone who loves sailing and enjoys a beautiful style of sailing.  Plym must be one of the most spectacular and beautiful boats in the Sydney Harbour. It’s a very easy to sail and, at the same time, everyone admires its beautiful look”.

See a video of Vicsail team and friends sailing Plym here.

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