At Vicsail, we have a very long and strong background in dealing internationally. We have affiliate brokers in every relevant yachting area in the world. Therefore, we are able to source boats and to negotiate on behalf of Australian buyers and vendors.

For clients looking to buy internationally, Vicsail is able to transact so that the legal part of the purchase is compliant. Furthermore, we offer a complete service by providing a safe international market to customers. Therefore, this opens the options to who would not have considered this environment previously.

As representatives of the buyers internationally, we perform negotiations. With our expertise and experience, our clients achieve the best outcome. I.e. get the best price and conditions for the boat. We also offer all support regards registration, taxes and legal for the purchase of the boat.

Vicsail also represents vendors internationally by listing their boats on international websites. Also, by sharing the information of their boat with Australian citizens looking into buying an Australian registered boat overseas. The boat is marketed through social media, our brand website, and international boat sales websites. In addition, we also list in conjunction with our affiliate brokers overseas.

Here are some examples of boats we have listed and sold overseas in the last year. Only to mention a few: the Sense 50 “Splash”, the Swan 82 “Sedna”, the JFA 82 “Atao”, Lagoon 39 “Chartreux”, Lagoon 620 “Lady Paradise”, Lagoon 400 “Odesza” among many others.

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