The latest update from Brendan’s travels… From Sunreef Shipyard:

A Sunreef 70 being completed for handover.“Well Gdansk is a tough industrial town with a history. A story associated with change and with honour. In modern times it was home to one of the largest shipbuilding centres in the world. It was this massive industrial powerhouse which led to the rise of ‚ÄúSolidarity” movement and the mighty Lech Welesa. A charismatic shipyard worker who rose to be President of an Independent Poland and was courted by Presidents, Popes and Kings. A citizen and a man of mighty integrity.

I was in Gdansk to visit the Sunreef shipyard. Builders of custom catamarans. The facility is located in the historical docks and well disguised behind a facade of decay and crumbling soviet infrastructure. Sunreef produce a fully custom line of sailing and motor cats beginning at 58 feet and up to 120 feet plus.
They are all built in a massive shed which literally moves with the energy of a Polish and Ukrainian workforce (over 400), who are all proud to be part of the continuation of this proud ship building tradition.

Anastaysia from Sunreef Yachts.I witnessed the launch of a new 70 foot power cat and visited a variety of models in build. My guide for this journey of discovery was Anastaysia. She is a Russian speaking dynamo and sales person with Sunreef, who is well committed to the compelling Sunreef story.

The range of Sunreef is strong and oozes quality and style. If you have interest in a large sailing or motor cat, watch this space! There are surely some incredibly exciting models and some extraordinary boats planned.”

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