Classic boats are timeless!

There is an accepted definition of what makes a boat “a classic”. It generally describes a vessel, either Motor or Sail, of some considered integrity and beauty which is more than 50 years old… However, for the sailing folk of this world and for all boat admirers, there is a much richer and more encompassing description and also in the world of Vicsail. We would suggest that any boat which may encompass timeless beauty and evocative design may happily be labelled or described as a “classic boat”.

Therefore, we don’t take in account only the year of build but we also believe that a classic yacht can be reflected in the character and the “patina”. Below is an interview with our sales experts.

classic boat details patina classic boat interior detail

  • What are the characteristics of classic boats?

They are a joy to view as much as a joy to be aboard. Beautiful lines and curves, designed foremost to sail or motor, perhaps enhance by a low or sympathetic coach house or cabin line, often with lower free-board. Another distinctive characteristic is long overhangs provide, usually providing of strength as also do smaller windows or ports.

But there are countless parameters evident with very beautiful motor and sailing yachts that also defining of a classic boat!

  • What is the difference between classic and modern classic?

In a nutshell, it is the age of the yacht. A modern classic generally captures the best aspects of older traditional designs while often providing modern improvements. Such as a fin keel, composite hull, or carbon mast, but the effect is essentially an old style, antique look.

A modern classic could also be a perfectly designed yacht, a boat destined to be a timeless design, appreciated and in demand for years to come.

modern classic yacht tanielle

  • How is the market for classic boats?

At Vicsail, we have had a remarkable season for the promotion and handover of “Willpower” the Eagle 44. And the sale of the Maine Lobster boat Aranui.  The sale of the Williams picnic boat “Gull”, and right up to the recent handover for the 75 foot Norman Wright “Matthew Flinders”.

So in relation to the sales of classics, we can report good sales through a very eclectic mix of power and sail.

Furthermore, we are also very proud to hold quite a few Australian heritage boats listings like the Gaffer Oenone, the beautiful 8 metre Caraid and the very special Ventura. Just a few of the many “classics” we have available.

oenone sailing classic yacht caraid sailing  (photo of ventura)

  • How does Vicsail positions itself in the classic yachts industry?

There just a few brokers worldwide with the knowledge, the understanding and the passion for this segment of the market. For sure, we are proud to say that our team at Vicsail truly can offer the very best guidance for the classics.

  • What are the considerations oneself need to take in account when purchasing a classic yacht?

The same care and diligence should be applied when buying any boat. With a good broker to guide you in a boat to suit requirements, one would then need to engage a surveyor experienced in traditional boat building.

  • What is the statement of owning classic boats?

The ownership of a classic, shows a respect for the Ocean and for the boat that sail upon it. In addition, it also shows a true appreciation for the timeless craft of yacht building.

A classic vessel is a true joy to share. It is often reflected in the saying that you never actually own a classic yacht, you become the custodian, who will preserve, maintain, enjoy and then pass on to a new generation of sailors.

  • Is maintenance of a classic yacht a hard job or expensive?

Often these boats have been so well loved by their modern day owners that the maintenance is not too much of a chore. All you need to do it to just stay on top of it. The considerations are for Insurance, berthing and advice for ongoing care. It is our experience that the ownership of a classic would require an expenditure of 5-7% of value per annum (amortised over a 5-year period) to care and maintain your Classic boat in good sound and beautiful condition.

With many models available, you can either buy one well-loved yacht or you can prepare for the project of a lifetime and give life back to a piece of history.


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