Brendan Hunt, CEO of Vicsail, joined owner Robert Bishop on board Salacia II crewing for the Admirals Cup Anniversary celebration.

crew of salacia for admirals cup
The spectacular crew of Salacia II

The regatta was a roaring success and held in Sydney over the past weekend, (1st – 3rd of December).  Forty yachts, the “cream” of Ocean racers, from the 50’s through to the 80’s all racing competitively inshore and offshore.

The Salacia II joined Love and War, and Ragamuffin. They are all variations on a theme of early IOR racers. It was a very competitive race between them, but Ragamuffin took the honours.

S&S 48 "Ragamuffin" at Admirals Cup
S&S 48 “Ragamuffin”
S&S47 "Love & War" at Admirals Cup
S&S47 “Love & War”










“I had sailed in two Admirals Cup trials in the early 80’s and this weekend brought many familiar faces and memories,  a great weekend for the yachting community and a great reunion for Ocean sailors”, comments Hunt.

See below shots from the racing.

Kaufman "Mercedes IV"
Kaufman “Mercedes IV” upwind at 25 knots










N&N 55 "Racha" and S&S 42 "Vittoria" at the Admirals Cup
N&N 55 “Racha” and S&S 42 “Vittoria”
Farr 40 "Sagacious" and Farr 43 "Wild Cat" at Admirals Cup
Farr 40 “Sagacious” and Farr 43 “Wild Cat”
Joubert 43 "Kingurra" and Holland 43 "Too Impetuous" at Admirals Cup
Joubert 43 “Kingurra” and Holland 43 “Too Impetuous”
S&S 49 "Salacia II" pops the blooper at Admirals Cup
S&S 49 “Salacia II” pops the blooper

Read more about the Admirals Cup here.

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