Vicsail’s Brendan Hunt and Marcus Ashley-Jones joined Mon Rêve’s owners and friends for their first exciting trip on the Vicsail delivered MY630 Motor Yacht.

Glimmering seas and sunshine, not the expected rain showers, made for a pleasant day on board the magnificent boat. 
The 16 on board relished a visit from a Whale and her calf off the heads. Who could ask for more?
 The two owners had arrived from China with many friends, all out to enjoy a day of fishing, cuisine and sightseeing. 
The boat name, ‘Mon Rêve’, means My Dream. It was certainly a dream of a day. 
Fishing expert Mick Abbott from Cronulla Fishing Charters was on hand to keep the bait fresh and ensure some good fishing.
 Captain Jeremy Wood, was patient and shared his experience with everyone on board. 
A gourmet lunch at Quarantine Beach, then weaving back through yachts racing on the harbour, gave a great launch day and a perfect welcome for Mon Rêve. 
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