Get to know a little bit more about our Office and Accounts Director, meet Susan Griffiths

She has been part of the Vicsail’s success for over ten years. A job that co-ordinates all the work behind the scenes. Susan Griffiths is our Operations and Accounts Director at Vicsail, and she is tasked with making the impossible possible.

Susan follows closely the process of each sale for both New and used yachts. She makes sure all contracts and agreements are in order. With a team of salespeople, there is a real requirement for someone with knowledge and understanding of due procedure.

After all those  years, Susan still enjoys  this involvement, and considers the opportunity to do some sailing a real bonus.

Below you can check out what she shared about her interests and skills!

  • What do you like to do in your free time?

I love walking every morning with the dog along the Bronte coast walk.  It is a walk with a view and an activity I could never tire of.

I have great interest in environmental and animal welfare. And I have spent the last 5 years as volunteer Treasurer for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia; an organisation fund raising for rescue, rehabilitation and release of Borneo Orangutans and on the conservation of the orangutan jungle habitat in Borneo. The highlight was seeing the orphan orangutans at Jungle school during a visit to Orangutan sanctuaries in Borneo.

I love travelling, learning to sail, skiing, bush walking and spending time with the family.

  • How did you start your career in the yachting industry?

I had been working in Management Accounting and Treasury positions in Multinational companies and was excited when the Vicsail part time role became available. I was looking for a better work life balance.  I’ve been fortunate in this role as I’ve been able to contributed to Vicsail using my skills and experience from the Corporate roles whilst appreciating the flexibility given by Vicsail. Thank you, Brendan and Jo, as this flexibility was so important to me when I started over 10 years ago, so I could also focus on raising my 2 children.

The marine industry is a fun one.  I love the twilight racing and was crewing on an Oceanis 38 owned by Anne Lawson-Jones from the CYCA and just started with a female crew racing from RANSA. Eagerly awaiting the commencement of racing after the Covid-19.

  • Tell us a bit about your life prior yachts. And how your previous jobs impact on your current job?

I’m a CPA Accountant, and fortunate to work with great companies that provided excellent training and business disciplines, such as Johnson & Johnson and Corporate Express.

My most interesting role before starting at Vicsail was when my husband was transferred to Vietnam for a couple of years in the late 90s. I landed an accounting role working for a Trading company in Ho Chi Minh City. It was an amazing time living and working with the Vietnamese people.

  • What’s is your role at Vicsail?

Working as the “back office” of a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) gives great diversity in the role. So apart from Accounting duties, compliance, currency hedging and cash flows, I assist with the closing of 2nd hand boats, making sure all documentation is in place including registration and insurance.

With the new boats that Vicsail represent (CNB, Heliotrope, Sunreef, Nautor’s Swan and Eagle) we have interactive pricing that I keep up to date and assist with the shipping and importation into Australia to make it a seamless process.

  • Which yacht from our portfolio represents Susan Griffiths’ style?

I most of all love the Eagle Yachts that we have recently secured the Australian rights for, specially the Eagle 38 as it is the perfect size as well.

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