Eco-friendly catamarans from Sunreef Yachts

Eco-Electric catamarans by Sunreef Yachts mark a new chapter in the shipyard’s quest for a more sustainable and responsible cruising experience. Eco-Electric solutions offer fully electric and hybrid propulsion systems, tailored to every Owner’s yacht and navigation plans.

Smart energy management and innovative electrical systems will allow both power and sail yachts to strongly reduce generator use and cut down CO2 emissions. Ultramodern and highly efficient battery packs power both the propulsion and home appliances. A new philosophy based on responsibility, respect and modern technology begins.

sunreef eco friendly yachts

Eco-friendly propulsion

Enter a world of vibration and fume-free navigation. Sunreef Yachts’ eco-friendly catamarans feature advanced electric engines offering the best of autonomy and performance for a responsible yachting experience. Thanks to innovative propulsion solutions, the shipyard’s eco-friendly catamarans combine fuel savings, low-maintenance and ultra-silent operation.

Electric propulsion not only is the green choice for conscious yachting but also brings more freedom, peace of mind and luxury on board.

Sunreef Yachts eco-friendly catamarans have the option to be equipped with ultramodern hybrid propulsion systems as well. Besides significantly reduced Co2 emissions, hybrid engines take eco cruising to the next level by combining the best of electric motoring with the advantages of thermal engines. Hybrid engines not only offer reliable propulsion but also recharge the yacht’s battery bank for even more energy-efficiency.

Eco-friendly yachts by Sunreef Yachts are a guarantee of solid performance, low-maintenance and Atlantic-range.

Relying on wind as an essential source of propulsion is the most natural way to think about yachting. Sunreef Yachts’ sailing range of eco-friendly catamarans offers top quality rigging and fully-recyclable performance sails. Wind can also be a precious support when it comes to motor yacht propulsion. The shipyard’s range of Power eco-friendly yachts can be fitted with high-performance kites to combine the advantages of eco motoring with wind propulsion. Frequently used for towing large container ships, kites are an extremely powerful support for leisure crafts.

Sunreef Yachts’ motor yachts equipped with kites enjoy oceanic range, massive fuel savings, more visibility and safety.

Green Energy Yachts

solar panels sunreef yachts hydro generation eco catamarans wind turbines yacht

Our green yachts harvest power from the elements for a more eco-conscious and efficient cruising experience. In-house designed and manufactured by the shipyard, Sunreef Yachts’ solar panels are state-of-the-art. They can be easily mounted anywhere on the yacht’s surfaces, including the hulls and masts, maximising solar power. The panels can be fully-customizable in terms of size and shape to easily adapt to any structure on board. Dismounting for maintenance and repair is effortless. Flexible and ultra-solid, they are the industry’s lightest panels. Sunreef Yachts is also the first company to integrate solar panels in a curved carbon bimini roof. The shipyard’s R&D department is also developing an advanced system to recover heat from the panels to heat up the yacht’s boiler.

Hydro generation is about creating power whilst sailing. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans can be equipped with advanced electric propulsion allowing power to be generated from the propeller rotation while the yacht is navigating under sail. This energy can power the propulsion battery bank as well as the electronics on board. Hydro generation is highly efficient on catamarans as they can recover electric power from two engines. It is a reliable and endless source of power for green energy yachts.

Wind turbines produce power from the wind to keep the yacht’s battery bank charged. They play a very important role in the energy mix of every green energy yacht. They are a stable source of power throughout the day, but also at night and in cloudy weather, when the yacht cannot rely on solar power. The yacht produces energy not only under navigation but also while at dock. Using a sustainable power source, wind generators can operate in various wind conditions, starting from very light winds to stormy weather. The turbines are usually placed atop of the yacht to maximise the conversion of wind power to electricity.

Sustainable Materials

A truly sustainable yacht uses naturally-sourced materials. Sunreef Yachts’ Eco catamarans can feature basalt and linen-based structures. Both materials are used in the production of hulls, superstructures and yacht furniture. A hard, dense rock of volcanic origin, basalt is the base ingredient for sustainable yacht manufacturing.

Basalt fibre not only outperforms glass fibre in terms of strength but is also much more environmentally safer to produce as no greenhouse gases are released during its fabrication process. Basalt presents no toxic reaction with air or water. It is also a noncombustible and explosion proof material. Another natural component used in the building process is linen fibre. Produced from flax, the strongest and stiffest natural fibre, it is non-toxic, safe to produce and has a minimal carbon footprint. The outstanding mechanical properties and toughness of linen fibre make it a perfect green alternative for glass fibre.

Sustainable yacht décor uses fine eco-responsible materials without any compromise on luxury. Sunreef Yachts’ Eco catamarans reduce the use of animal skins by offering a variety of natural fabrics and alternatives to genuine leather. Interior floors can feature advanced hardwood flooring systems or reclaimed teak, salvaged from old houses, boats or other wooden structures. Compressed paper-based materials can be used for countertops to obtain weight-efficient, solid and practical surfaces. This innovative solution not only provides for a luxury finish, but is also very easy to repair, as scratches can be quickly removed by applying heat.

Sourcing green materials for yacht and superyacht decks has nowadays become an important challenge for the shipbuilding industry. Sustainable yacht decking solutions on Sunreef Yachts’ Eco catamarans include ethically-sourced teak or cork-based decking as a green and fully-recyclable alternative to traditional teak. Other options include the use of reusable and recyclable non pvc-based synthetic teak.

Sunreef Yachts Eco Catamarans offer fully-recyclable sails pairing great performance and a responsible approach to the environment.

Recycled sailcloth gains a second life, turning into durable bags and accessories.

Non-toxic, silicon-based bottom paints provide efficient protection against marine growth while offering a very low surface roughness. Slick, impermeable and highly durable, they significantly reduce drag, which leads to increased performance and the energy efficiency every sustainable yacht should be aiming for.

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Energy Efficient

Sunreef Yachts electric catamarans are perfectly adapted to electric motoring thanks to advanced computer simulation. The shipyard runs realistic simulation scenarios to adjust the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics of every model’s hull. High-performing simulation enables engineers to optimise hulls for more energy efficiency, seaworthiness and performance in various sea conditions. To maximise the effects of hull optimising, a slick, we can apply a sustainable bottom paint for even more efficiency and lesser drag.

Weight optimisation is crucial for every electric catamaran. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans can be built using light carbon fibre to reduce the overall yacht weight and increase the energy efficiency. Carbon is present on masts, booms and structural reinforcements. The lithium battery banks on board are light and at smart places to minimise the impact on the yachts’ movement at sea. The in-house built solar panels installed are the world’s lightest solar power system.

To reduce the energy consumption on board, Sunreef Yachts electric catamaran range features carefully insulated interiors. Thanks to sustainable insulation materials, all the yacht’s interior living spaces maintain stable temperatures, retaining heat and cold equally well. The smart air-conditioning system has a battery-power, allowing for all-night silent operation.

Smart energy management is essential on board an electric catamaran. To be able to maintain all house loads and air-conditioning throughout the day with only a minimum use of the generator, a yacht needs to find the perfect balance of energy production and consumption. Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans achieve that thanks to smart engineering and ultra-efficient lithium battery packs. The yacht’s batteries are not only highly-efficient, but can also be easily recharged across the globe in varying voltage ranges. A special eco-mode is also being developed by the shipyard’s R&D department for even less energy consumption.

Fresh water generation is essential for sustainable cruising. Thanks to highly-efficient water-makers and an advancing purification system, Sunreef Yachts’ electric catamarans can enjoy full access to fresh water. That way, the use of plastic bottles on board is at the absolute minimum. The yacht’s boiler can be heated with the help of heat obtained from solar panels or an inverter-powered heater. A rain collection system allows to save water for washing the deck.

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